Ahmed Gharib

Ahmed Gharib

Business Insights Sr. Lead

Cairo, Egypt

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Data Analysis

Data Wrangling


Data Visualization and Dashboards


Python (NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn)


SQL (SQL-Server, Postgresql, Oracle)


MS Office Excel


Power BI




Data Engineering

Data ...


Machine Learning

Machine learning (Scikit-learn, SciPy)


Deep learning (Pytorch, TensorFlow, Keras)


Cloud Computing

Data ...


Software Engineering

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Cloud computing (Aws, Microsoft Azure)


Git & Github


Web development (Javascript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, Flask)






Lifelong learner started my career as an accountant and gained the business experience in retail, F&B and manufacturing then started following my passion with data by automating reports and designing dashboards with Excel and Power BI and it didn`t stop here but dig deeper into Data Science and Machine Learning using both on-prem and cloud solutions and enriching my knowledge in different areas like DevOps, Distributed Systems, Linux, Kubernetes and Microservices.

Work Experience

Business Insights Sr. Lead / _VOIS - Smart Village, Giza.
May 2022 - Current
  • Developed a new Desktop application for automating the daily routine tasks (Extracting reports from systems, data preprocessing and uploading to Sharepoint) which reduced the manual effort by 25%.
  • Maintaining multiple Power BI Dashboards for Pre-sales, Demand and Utilization, and Work in Progress Data.
  • Support in Developing and maintaining Oracle SQL Datawarehouse.
  • Support in Data Migration to AWS Redshift and GCP Big Query.

Data Architect / Atos - Nasr City, Cairo.
May 2021 - May 2022
  • Participate in the pre-sales activities as a technical lead for Enterprise BI and Data platforms projects.
  • Implementing MongoDB as IaaS on microsoft Azure for different inveronments.
  • Implementing ECK (Elastic Stack on Kubernetes) on AKS.
  • Adding the authentication mechanism for python API wrapper with Microsft Azure.
  • Responsible for delerving reports and analysis services in Microsoft Practice Team.

Senior Bi Developer / Coca-Cola - Nasr City, Cairo.
Dec 2020 - May 2021
  • Creating and maintaining (Sales, Finance, and HR) Dashboards using Power BI.
  • Managed to automate the process of collecting budget, RE, and customers Target from the commercial team (Data provided in excel sheets) and split the target by Sales Office, Route, SKU, Day, Etc... using python and PostgreSQL.
  • Preparing a budget, RE, and Target template for upload to SAP Copa and SAC.
  • Preparing paginated reports for sales to be sent daily via Microsoft power automate.

Data analyst / Al Safy Group - Fifth settlement, New Cairo.
May 2018 - Dec 2020
  • Created a sales dashboard using Excel power query, DAX functions, and VBA to analyze and compare the performance of the company branches.
  • Created an excel sheet for commission calculation and automated the process of gathering target, sales, and KPIs sheets using excel power query and excel advanced formulas.
  • Creating a SQL queries to extract sales transactions from the Microsoft Dynamics AX database.
  • Developed automated cheques issuing process through an excel sheet, that handles cheques printing for several banks.
  • Designed new forms for all the documents in my department like (check cover, credit note, DAP, compensations).
  • Created a bank reconciliation sheet that automates the process with excel power query.

Accounts Payable Supervisor / Master`s Food - Zmalek, Giza.
Dec 2015 - May 2018
Income Auditor / Master`s Food - Zmalek, Giza.
Feb 2015 - Dec 2015
General Cashier / Master`s Food - Zmalek, Giza.
May 2014 - Feb 2015

Accountant / Al Fares Egyptian Co. (Cottonil) - Nozha, Cairo.
Feb 2013 - May 2014

Collector / The International Hospital for Urology and Nephrology - Mohandsin, Giza.
Jan 2009 - Feb 2013


Cloud DevOps Capstone Project
Oct 2021    See project
  • Deploying a simple web application (url shortener) to AWS EKS cluster.
  • Using Jenkins to build, test and deploy the application.
  • Using rolling update strategy to update the web app with 0 minute downtime.

The technology used: Python, EKS, Jenkins, AWS.

Building Delta Lake-house for flights in USA
Jun 2021    See project
  • Developed a script to simulate streaming data
  • Built automated pipeline to get the stream data and process it through each stage of the delta lake
  • Completed end-to-end solution from gathering, cleaning, processing the data to consuming the data via PowerBI

The technology used: Python, PySpark, DeltaLake

Dog Breed Classifier Application
Oct 2020    See project
  • Developed a Convolutional Neural Network using transfer learning with an accuracy of 83%
  • Created an app that takes an image and checks if a dog in the image returns its breed. and if a human in the image returns the nearest dog breed.

The technology used: Python and Pytorch.

Plagiarism Detection
ٍSep 2020    See project
  • Created new features to measure the similarity between answer and source text like containment and longest common subsequence
  • Developed a binary classification neural network with an accuracy of 100%

The technology used: Python, Pytorch, AWS.


Online courses and programms

I have successfully completed more than 350 online courses at Udacity, A Cloud Guru, Coursera, Datacamp, Pluralsight, Linkedin Learning, and Udemy related to Data Science and Machine learning,
And currently studying Machine Learning Scientist with Python at DataCamp

Jan 2020 - Current
Google IT Automation with Python Certificate - Coursera
Academy Accreditation - SQL Analyst Associate - Databricks
Academy Accreditation - Delta Lake Essentials - Databricks
Academy Accreditation - Unified Data Analytics - Databricks
Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate - Microsoft
Data Analysis and Visualization with Power BI - Udacity
Data Analyst with SQL Server Track - DataCamp
Agile Software Developer Nanodegree - Udacity
Advanced Web Development Nanodegree - Udacity

AinShams University
2008 - 2011

Bachelor's degree, Faculty of Commerce.